Cybsum Map Pack and Matchs Rules

Cybsum Map Pack and Matchs Rules

News 21 June 2012 share

The CyberAthlete Summit reveals the maps pack of june 23rd tournament with a video. The 5 maps are :

  • Archways
  • Collided
  • CrossRoads
  • SolarFlare
  • TheCastle

Maps will be played in their final version, on SolarFlare some railings have been replaced by stone blocks.

The matches’ rules are more detailed too. Those will be Best of 5 matches with 2 map orders for the 2 sessions:

Afternoon session:

Archways > CrossRoads > SolarFlare > Collided > TheCastle

Evening session:

TheCastle > Collided > SolarFlare > CrossRoads > Archways

For each map the teams will have to win 6 rounds with 2 points difference, improve to 8 if they can’t reach the 2 points gap - and 10 for night sessions.