Shootmania Storm Trophy Presentation

Shootmania Storm Trophy Presentation

Press release 10 May 2012 share

The first Cyberathlete Summit, organized Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 by Oxent at the Espace Pierre Cardin in the Champs Elysées in Paris, will be dedicated to the next title from the studio Nadeo, the online multiplayer FPS "Shootmania Storm" for PC.

The concept is to bring together talented French and international players for a day, for an exhibition tournament played entirely on stage in front of a guest audience, and entirely broadcast on the Internet, with the support of

The format for the Trophy is the Shootmania’s Elite Mode, opposing 2 teams of 3 players in successive series of 1-versus-3 attack/defense, demonstrating the technical prowess and individual skill of the attacker and the strategic unity and coordination of the defense.

The Trophy will oppose 3 French pro-gaming teams to 3 world-class pro-gaming teams, during 2 sessions:

Afternoon Session: Saturday 23, from to

6 matches in Elite Mode, to rank the 3 French teams and the 3 international teams:

  • France A vs France C
  • Inter A vs Inter  C
  • France B vs France C
  • Inter B vs Inter C
  • France A vs France B
  • Inter A vs Inter B

Night Session: Saturday 23, from to

3 finals in Elite Mode:

  • France #3 vs Inter #3
  • France #2 vs Inter #2
  • France #1 vs Inter #1

The format will allow the French audience to cheer on their representatives, the major electronic sport groups to begin recruiting their champions, and players to show off both their individual talent and their team spirit. The participation request form is now available so each team can announce itself, as part of a selection process that will close June 3rd. Each of the selected teams and players will be given access to the game by June 3rd at the latest, and their participation expenses in the Cyberathlete Summit paid for by the organization, with every player able to bear their sponsors during the event.

Ticketing for spectators: