The 3 Final matches reloaded

The 3 Final matches reloaded

News 30 June 2012 share

The videos of the 3 finals are uploaded, if you want to understand why we named the event « Cyberathlete Summit ». Reflexes, anticipations, magnetic defenses, lightning attacks : 2h30 of skill and friendship.

Main Final :  COLWN (FR) vs 3 OLD MEN (SE)

Secondary Finale : MILLENIUM (EU) vs ADK (FR)

Third Final : MERCENARY OPS (US) vs LDLC (FR)


At the end of a movie, there're closing credits. We'll just count on Google bots and one news. Antoine, Matthieu, Julien, Yoann, David, Nicolas, Jean Christophe, thank in the name of Oxent, all the people who made the event. We were more than 50…

Olivier Morin, Romain « Delky » Teston, David « Surion » Trigano, Kevin « Tartopome » Divry, Xavier « Kainaab » Descharmes, Anthony « ZhuToTo » Perrin, Frédéric « Freddy » Daudignon, Alexandre « UB » Grillet, , Julien « B4mbi » Vida, Sylvain Maillard, Kevin « Ptilou » Piquet, Grégory Rougemont, Nicolas Gusse, Julie Pennavaire, Jonathan Dury, Guillaume « K!ck » Charasse, Stéphane Perriot, Arnaud Bellot and Eveneo, Stéphane Lacombe, Guillaume Remy and Streamakaci, Vincent Ramon, Renaud, Jérôme and Watizdat, Cédric Mallet and, Soleila, Charlotte et Malika, Stéphan Euthine, Bruno Morel, Stuart Saw, Oleg, Quickshot et, Woytek, Thomas, Maurice, Virginie, Mathilde, Joyce, Solene, Philippine and Pierre Cardin teams, Ben Mechta, Burak and Eurydice, David and GL Events, Virginie and Deléage, and Cup Security teams.

Special greetings to Nadeo and Nadeo Live for their support, especially Rocchichioli, Maxime Raoust, Philippe Melot, Jérôme Chatelain, but also Florent, Adrienne, Anne, Amélie, Jean-Pierre, Cédric, Edouard… and all the others.